Did I Ever Tell You…

Did I Ever Tell You…
Our Nacozari turquoise comes from the same mountain range as Bisbee turquoise, which is why it has such a beautiful blue color. The Bisbee mine in Bisbee, Arizona produced some of the most gorgeous turquoise in the world. Like most American turquoise mines, the Bisbee mine is closed now after 95 years of production. They shut down operations some time in the 1970’s. Bisbee turquoise is really hard to find nowadays and when you do find it, it’s really expensive. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is headed in this same direction, as their mining operations shut down just a few years ago. The neat thing about turquoise, especially American turquoise, is that it NEVER goes down in value.
But, did I ever tell you… Besides turquoise, the Bisbee mine also produced the “world’s best” botryoidal malachite and beautiful crystals of blue azurite you’ll ever see? The most impressive thing (besides the turquoise of course) is that this mine also yielded 4 million tons of copper (4 million!!), 100 million troy ounces of silver and almost 3 million troy ounces of gold. WOW!!! Can you believe that? Me either! It’s mind boggling.
Today the mine is shut down, but the town of Bisbee remains. Besides their rich mining heritage and mining town atmosphere, you can still see the huge open mining pit and there is an underground mining tour available there. If you ever get to Bisbee, you must visit the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. There you will find displays of over 100 specimens of the minerals that made Bisbee, Arizona famous.

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